HVIA pledge for National Road Safety Week 2023

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia is delighted to take the Road Safety Pledge as part of National Road Safety Week 2023, which marks its 10th anniversary this week.

“We do so on behalf of every HVIA member, every Brisbane Truck Show exhibitor and the 40,000 attendees,” HVIA CEO Todd Hacking said.

Mr Hacking said the technology set to be revealed at the Brisbane Truck Show this week is part of the industry’s culture of innovation towards making road transport as safe as it can possibly be.

“It is visible on virtually every stand, and is the most compelling value proposition for any vehicle or product,“ Mr Hacking said.

“The announcements ahead of the show boast the inclusion of new safety tech in virtually every vehicle; it is the catch-cry of tyre companies, fleet management and vehicle monitoring technologies, training providers and pretty much every other category we have on display.

“Our industry’s quest for zero fatalities will clearly be on display and every attendee will benefit.”

Running alongside the Brisbane Truck Show, is Australian Heavy Vehicle Industry Week, which is underpinned by six themes – safety, innovation, sustainability, knowledge, careers and community.

The week of events also includes the community-facing South Bank Truck Festival, the Heavy Equipment and Machinery Show, the Heritage Truck Show and numerous other events and activations.

Two separate campaigns are being supported through the event that both focus on safe interactions between trucks and other road users.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s Don’t #uck With A Truck campaign utilises the talents and left-field thinking of a social media influencer to cleverly connect with a younger audience around safety around trucks. 

The other is the Look Beyond the Truck campaign, led by the National Road Safety Partnership Program, to connect drivers with the community to create a more empathetic relationship that also drives safer interactions.

The campaigns will also be showcased to more than 1800 students being hosted to attend the HVIA National Apprentice Challenge, South Bank Truck Festival and BTS23 Careers Days.

“We are very proud to facilitate this enormous week of activities, with such an overwhelming commitment from all in attendance to keep safety at the top of our priorities,” Mr Hacking added.

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