HVIA Congratulates Albanese Government

HVIA congratulates the Australian Labor Party on forming Government under new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking said the new Government has put forward a policy platform that has the potential to revitalise Australian manufacturing.

“Firstly, I wish to pass on our congratulations to the new Prime Minister, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, and his incoming Government,” Mr Hacking said.

“HVIA looks forward to working closely with the new Government to address our industry’s concerns and to discuss our policy roadmap and proposed actions.”

Mr Hacking said the media’s focus during the election campaign did not do justice to many policy areas that will be crucial for the Albanese Government to address early in its first term.

“The whole community has been impacted greatly by these issues that are at the core of Australia’s current challenges and building our national resilience: skills shortages, protecting and enabling local manufacturing, supply chain blockages and inflationary pressures, fuel and energy security, Australia’s carbon footprint, and both workplace and road safety.

“We believe our policy statements and proposed actions are realistic and achievable, and every one of them is an opportunity for the new Government to have a win on behalf of all Australians.”

Responding to HVIA’s pre-election policy survey, then Shadow Assistant Minister for Road Safety, Senator Glenn Sterle said Labor will invest in Australia’s sovereign capability.

“Australia has suffered nearly a decade of policy drift since the Liberals goaded the car industry to leave,” Senator Sterle told us. “We rank dead last in the OECD when it comes to manufacturing self-sufficiency.

“We need to revive our ability to make world-class products and, in the process, create secure well-paid jobs for Australians.”

Mr Hacking said the heavy vehicle industry needs to be recognised as a template for industries that deliver on all those aspirations.

“Our industry is the perfect illustration of Australian innovation and manufacturing, meaningful career opportunities and environmentally responsible action,” Mr Hacking said.

“If the policy settings are right to enable our industry’s productivity and prosperity, we bring the rest to the table.

“I have no doubt that the Prime Minister and his team will hit the ground running and with a very big agenda; we are looking forward to getting to work with them on achieving positive outcomes for industry and the community.”

Pictured above: HVIA President John Drake with Senator Glenn Sterle at a Parliamentary Friends of Trucks, Trailers, Transport and Logistics event held at Parliament House in Canberra prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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