HPFV network updates from Freight Victoria

Freight Victoria staff delivered a valuable update on Victoria’s High Productivity Freight Vehicle (HPFV) policy and networks for HVIA members this week.

The freight Victoria team sits within Victoria’s Department of Transport and Planning, and is the ‘engine room’ in terms of its function in furthering access arrangements for HPFVs in Victoria and supporting the industry through policies and information.

The webinar was led by Freight Victoria’s Ben Atkinson (Senior Policy Officer – Heavy Vehicle Productivity), who was supported by Ian Mond (Manager, Land Freight Systems), and Luther Cox (Heavy Vehicle Productivity Officer).

Around thirty HVIA members were online to hear about updates on next-generation B-triples and AB-triples, future network and policy updates, and the use of telematics data.

Importantly, members also had the chance to ask questions on future network developments that directly impact them and their customers, including timelines for the assessment of critical bridges.

HVIA extends its thanks to Ben, Ian and Luther for their work in supporting the industry and taking the time to present to members.

The slide pack is available to download here, and the webinar recording can be viewed below.

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