Heavy vehicle industry ready for EV challenge

The Senate Select Committee on Electric Vehicles’ report has been met with mixed reaction from industry associations.

While the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) have pointed to a the lack of attention on the heavy vehicles sphere in the report, HVIA has underlined its industry’s readiness to shoulder the load that’s expected to go its way.

HVIA has pledged its readiness to support the growth of electric vehicle development, uptake and support in the wake of the report.

 “The heavy vehicle industry has been extremely proactive in research, development and activation of sustainable energy solutions,” HVIA chief executive Todd Hacking says.

“Our truck and engine manufacturers are producing exciting results from collaborations across the globe, including here in Australia.”

“We are pleased that many of the recommendations of the Senate committee were aimed at ensuring the recharging infrastructure and integration of the electricity grid is being developed.

“There is obviously still a long way to go but HVIA will continue to work proactively and collaboratively with government to ensure all relevant parties are aware of the developments as they arise and sensible solutions are found.”

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