Have your say in HVIA’s 2022 Federal Election campaign

The 2022 Federal election presents an unprecedented opportunity for the priorities of the heavy vehicle industry to make front-page news.

HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking believes voters regard Australia’s resilience as a major issue for whichever party will form the next government.

“The community has been impacted greatly by issues that cut right across the heavy vehicle industry’s story,” Mr Hacking said. 

“Skills shortages and job opportunities, protecting and enabling local manufacturing, supply chain blockages and inflationary pressures, fuel and energy security, Australia’s carbon footprint, and both workplace and road safety;

“All these issues have been front and centre for our communities, and we believe there is now a collective determination to resolve them and secure Australia’s future.

“Australian people are – by our very nature – a resilient bunch, but the last couple of years have demonstrated how vital it is that we invest more in our sovereign capacity and capability.”

Policies that help us to help Australia

HVIA’s 2022 Federal Election campaign is themed: How a strong heavy vehicle industry is vital for a more resilient Australia.

Mr Hacking said all HVIA member organisations are invited to play a role in shaping the campaign. 

“Our survey is being sent directly to primary member contacts, and seeks both support and advice as HVIA finalises our 2022 Federal Election campaign on behalf of the heavy vehicle industry,” he said.

“We will then give all parties the opportunity to review our policies and indicate where they stand, ensuring all heavy vehicle industry participants are well informed when it comes time to place your vote. 

“For Australia’s Government (or prospective Government), every one of those issues provide opportunities for meaningful and attractive short-, medium- and long-term policy announcements or support, with tangible benefits to Australia and to both metropolitan and rural communities.

“And that’s what they need to win the hearts and minds of their electorates – and votes.”

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