Feedback Sought On Axle Mass Increases For Euro VI Trucks

HVIA active participant in NTC industry working group discussing future increase in axle mass limit

HVIA is seeking feedback from members to inform future axle mass increases to accommodate the introduction of Euro VI trucks.

The industry association’s technical, regulatory, and advocacy staff are active members of the National Transport Commission’s industry working group that is currently discussing future changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

One of these changes seeks to increase the mass limit for heavy vehicle steer and drive axles to offset the recent tare mass increases brought about by more-stringent emissions regulations (Euro VI), and advanced safety systems.

Over the past weeks, HVIA staff have sought and received feedback from specific member organisations that will help to inform these discussions and argue the case for greater axle mass limit increases, but welcome further feedback from others.

In particular, the association is seeking information or data relating to the below:

  • Specific mass increase (in kg) directly attributed to Euro VI emissions regulation compliance;
  • Specific mass increase (in kg) directly attributed to the fitment of advanced safety technologies (e.g. ABS/EBS, ECE cabin strength, AEBS, reversing technology, etc); and
  • Impacts if vehicles less than 15 tonnes GVM do not receive any additional axle mass increase to offset safety/emissions technologies.

For more information please contact HVIA Chief Technical Officer Adam Ritzinger at or 0437 901 668.

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