Federal Election 2022: Realistic policies that will really lower emissions 

HVIA has called for the next Government to respond and act in four major policy areas: safety, manufacturing and productivity, skills & jobs, and sustainability – energy security and the environment.

Each proposed action seeks to strengthen the heavy vehicle industry and deliver outcomes that in turn contribute to a resilient Australia.

Each political party is playing to its strengths, and when it isn’t doing that, they are attacking their opponents’ weak spots or capitalising on their latest campaign blunder.

HVIA will leave the politics to the politicians, but industry recognises the crucial role of the Government’s fuel and energy security policy in protecting the environment.

Progressively more rigorous emission standards for new vehicles in the Australian fleet have resulted in substantially less pollutants entering the atmosphere (particularly in major cities).In parallel there has also been significant increases in fuel efficiency of vehicles in the heavy vehicle fleet, more productive vehicle combinations and slow, but steady, improvements to road infrastructure.

While emissions (per tonne/km of freight) have greatly improved, global commitments to addressing climate change have increased the focus towards low and zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) such as battery and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

Proactive Government policy can influence the rate these vehicles are taken up by heavy vehicle operators.

This is what we have asked for in HVIA’s 2022 Federal election policy roadmap:

We want immediate steps to support the transition to low and zero emissions heavy vehicles by bringing in exclusive depreciation incentives for new low or zero emissions vehicles (ADR80/04 or better)

Government investment needs to be more targeted into energy supply and infrastructure – not consultants & feasibility projects – prioritising funding to projects that evaluate the business case for battery and fuel cell electric heavy vehicles, in real world scenarios.

Remove obstacles to ZEHV uptake – Don’t let Australia fall behind by aligning Australian heavy vehicle standards for ZEV trucks with international standards for width and mass.

These are our sustainability policies addressing energy security and the environment. See HVIA’s full 2022 election policy roadmap here.

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