Consultation on Heavy Vehicle Road Reform

Changes to the way heavy vehicle charges are set and invested

The Department of Infrastructure has published a Consultation Paper and other supporting materials looking at four proposed changes being examined as part of the ongoing Heavy Vehicle Road Reform (HVRR) Program.

The discussion paper is looking at:

  • How service standards for different roads will be defined,
  • How State and Territory road expenditure will be assessed against these standards,
  • The use of an independent regulator to set road user charges and heavy vehicle registration fees and
  • How revenue collected from these charges are applied to road infrastructure.

The consultation paper is available on the HVRR consultation webpage.

The Department is encouraging interested parties to read the consultation paper and contact if they wish to be included in the online workshops which are being planned for July-August.

The Department will be considering options for further consultation following these initial workshops.

HVIA will analyse the consultation paper and circulate a summary of key issues for our industry to members shortly.

HVIA will also participate in the planned workshops.

Interested members should contact HVIA’s National Manager Policy and Government Relations, Greg Forbes at or on 0437 923 755.

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