Collaboration Secures Win on Next-Gen Brake Regs

HVIA is representing the interests of brake system suppliers to smooth regulatory pathway for next-generation braking systems.

While the Australian truck and trailer manufacturing industry is incredibly diverse, on occasion the interests of like-minded members align, and create a spark that leads to positive change.

One of those sparks occurred at an industry event in Melbourne late 2023 when representatives from Haldex, Knorr-Bremse and Air Brake Systems sought out HVIA to raise an issue with ADR 38/05.

One of its timing requirements did not match the European regulation, which was predicted to make it difficult to achieve local compliance for the next-generation braking systems designed in those markets and sold in Australia.

Through a collaborative approach, HVIA determined that rectifying the issue was also supported by ZF Group/WABCO.

HVIA raised the issue with the Federal Department of Infrastructure as an out-of-session item, separate to the biannual Vehicle Standards Consultative Forum (VSCF) set of meetings.

Over the course of several months, HVIA worked with members and the Department to explain the issue, explore other regulatory pathways and eventually arrive at a solution which could see systems that comply with the European requirement ‘approved’ for Australia, until the ADR can be formally changed.

As of now, that solution has been implemented, meaning that approvals for next-generation braking systems can be submitted to the Department.

“This is a win for the heavy vehicle sector and highlights the value that membership with an industry associations can provide,” says Adam Ritzinger, HVIA’s Chief Technical Officer.

“The alternative is that businesses go it alone, which can be incredibly time-consuming, and may ultimately not result in success.

“Leveraging the collaborative power of HVIA, and its network of contacts, is the easiest and fastest way to make change.”

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