ClubBTS 2023 – a winner with the truck show’s biggest fans

VIP passes are exclusively* for Brisbane Truck Show exhibitors to “gift” to their clients and prospects; but the general public can’t buy them – and it would devalue them if they could.

We have often referred to them as being like Willy Wonka’s gold ticket. That’s because when an exhibitor offers a couple of them to a valued client, inevitably they use one or two to reward the dedication and loyalty of their best team members.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

But the general public can’t buy them – and it would devalue them if they could.

So we asked ourselves how we can give those superfans the opportunity to enjoy some of that same kind of exclusivity.

Just 100 members

There are just 100 ClubBTS 2023 memberships and already at the time of writing, all but 18 are sold.

We’ve created some special ClubBTS merchandise including a t-shirt, cap, lanyard and stubby holder, plus a limited-edition satchel(/gift bag) made from recycled BTS21 street banners.

A variety of exhibitors and show partners are also adding something special with vouchers in each ClubBTS satchel to be redeemed on their respective stands.

In one case it’s a photo with our ambassador Ben from The Drone Way, another with a Supercar driver, another is offering a souvenir merchandise item.

It will mean the world for the truck show’s most avid attendees to be warmly received when they call into BTS23 exhibitors’ stands.

*HVIA members will be able to purchase VIP passes via a special link to be launched shortly.

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