Changes to PBS vehicle approval documents

The NHVR has released two discussion papers canvasing possible changes to vehicle approval documents issued under the PBS scheme.

The first of these changes involves removing the operator name from the Vehicle Approval document and the second involves removing the Spec tables from the approval document and replacing them with a simpler table providing details of the vehicles in the combination.

Both initiatives are designed to reduce administrative complexity.

Removing operator names from vehicle approvals will simplify the process for transferring vehicles between operators and will address problems where sub-contractors use vehicle owned by other companies.

The removal of the Spec table is designed to reduce the workload on PBS certifiers and to reduce the size of the vehicle approval documents by approximately 30%.

The NHVR has sent copies of discussion papers to stakeholders and is seeking comments on the proposed changes by 5 July.

If you are interested in these changes and were not sent the discussion papers please contact HVIA’s National Manager Policy and Government Relations Greg Forbes.

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