Reflection as the year begins

HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking opened the first edition of Talk the Torque for 2020 with a welcome for members and stakeholders, and a reflection on the crisis that ravaged Australia during the first half of Summer.

As we have returned to normality after the festive season, the tone of virtually every conversation begins with a reflection on the drought and bushfires and how it has impacted each person or someone near to them.

It certainly made for a different tone to the Christmas and New Year break, with our thoughts and intentions often led by a feeling of helplessness in the face of an ever-increasing disaster of such proportions.

As always it doesn’t take long for Australians to stand up in the face of trouble. A spirit that is never far from the surface takes hold and kicks us into action to help out.

Once again the heavy vehicle industry and trucking industry are amongst the first to raise our hands, and more often than not, hitting the ground running – not waiting to be asked.

We dedicate this edition of Talk the Torque to all of those impacted: our thoughts go out to those that we’ve lost and to their loved ones; to those that have lost their homes and their invaluable possessions now confined to memories; to those whose livelihoods have suffered, and particularly those that have lost pets and livestock, and to the cruel devastation of our native wildlife.

We pay tribute to the Firies, the volunteers and all who have supported them, and to every one of you who has looked to step up – contributing in your own way.”

Stay tuned for a full outline of HVIA’s 2020 meeting and event schedule headlined by ComVec 2020 at the Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast from 13-15 May.

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