HVIA State Committees

HVIA State Committees meet regularly in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

The committees give members a voice on important topics and are also a good opportunity to inform members of priorities in front of HVIA.

HVIA President John Drake is a firm believer in collaboration.

“I know – like my company – our members have strong views on topics and genuinely want to engage to make our industry stronger,” Mr Drake said.  

β€œThe organisation does some great work and up until now our engagement has been limited; I want to formalise it and broaden our engagement to ensure we are transparent about the issues and we allow ourselves the best opportunity to tap into the views of our membership.”

The State Committees are chaired by a member of the Board, meaning that all views are tabled at Board meetings, where the direction on issues is ratified.

If you cannot get to a meeting, we welcome thoughts on the issues beforehand via email or phone.

The State Committees will be broadened to other states as the membership grows in these regions.

Find out what’s been happening in recent State Committee meetings here.

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