Heavy Vehicle Apprentice of the Year

The Heavy Vehicle Apprentice of the Year Award will be presented to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional ability as they undergo their apprenticeship in a discipline related to heavy vehicle industry. 

The Heavy Vehicle Apprentice of the Year is the new major award open to all trades employed by the heavy vehicle industry.

The award is open to final-year apprentices graduating in specialist roles such as auto-electrician, panel-beater, spray painter, draftsman, parts interpreter, engineer, refrigeration mechanic, warehouse & logistics, etc.

Note: All Apprentice Technician and Trailer & Body Builder category nominees will also be considered for the new Heavy Vehicle Apprentice of the Year Award.

Thanks to HVIA Principal Partner and the HVIA National Awards major sponsor National Transport Insurance and TruckAssist, winners of the three apprentice award categories will win a hosted VIP experience at the Gold Coast 500 Supercars event*.

Nominations for the 2024 season are open from Wednesday 12 June – Friday 2 August 2024.


Award finalists will be eligible to attend the HVIA Gala Awards Dinner which will be held in Brisbane on Thursday 5 December 2024 where national winners will be announced.

The national award winner will:

  • be recognised at the HVIA Gala Awards Dinner
  • receive a trophy and a certificate,
  • a VIP Supercars experience hosted by award sponsor National Transport Insurance and TruckAssist*.
  • have their name and profile publicised on HVIA’s website and e-newsletter Talk the Torque.

*subject to availability. The prize is not transferrable.

About your entry

The nomination should demonstrate high-level performance, an enthusiastic attitude and the nominee will be able to articulate their future industry employment goals.

Please address the judging criteria with as much detail as possible and be as clear as you can. 
**Remember – the nominee must complete their career goals and aspirations.**

Attachments (images, video) are recommended to help the judges understand your nomination.


The Heavy Vehicle Apprentice of the Year Award is an employer-nominated award. To meet the Award criteria, the nominee must:

  • Be employed by a HVIA member, which is current in their members’ dues;
    • Employees working in wholly-owned branches and subsidiary companies of the HVIA primary member can nominate;
  • Be in the final stage of their apprenticeship
    • Has been or will be signed off in the 2024 calendar year; or
    • Will complete all their formal training in the 2024 calendar year
  • Be able to address the judging criteria; and
  • The nomination must be signed off by a senior manager of the Member company.


  • Why are you nominating your apprentice for Heavy Vehicle Apprentice of the Year?  Please feel free to provide any background information of the nominee. (Nominator. 200 words max.)
  • Please provide an example(s) of how the nominee has demonstrated the highest level of technical aptitude? (Nominator. 200 words max.)
  • Please describe the nominee’s interactions with other employees? (Nominator. 200 words max.)
  • Please outline how the nominee displays the right mental attitude in the workplace, including enthusiasm, learning, listening to others, punctuality, respectfulness, responsibility and reliability. (Nominator. 200 words max.)
  • What is the nominee’s career goals and ambitions? (Nominee to answer this question). 200 words max.)

Nominees are encouraged to accompany their submission with a video, photos or other supporting material, which assists in answering the above questions to assist the judging panel.


Nomination (50 points)

  • Technical Ability (20)
  • Technical Aptitude (10)
  • Interaction and teamwork (10)
  • Career goals (10) – written by nominee

Online Test (20 points)

  • All nominees invited to participate

Final interview (30 points)

  • Top five candidates are interviewed online – based on the combined scores above.
  • Maximum fifteen minutes
  • Questions the same for all candidates
  • Interviews pursue confirmation and expansion of the testimony provided in the nomination
  • Judged proportionately against the same five criteria

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