2020 Safety Innovation Award nominees

HVIA’s Safety Innovation Award (sponsored by Moreton Hire) is a dual stream award that recognises members who have either:

  • implemented a new product or system in their workplace, which has made that site or their business safer or
  • designed or manufactured a piece of equipment, component, technology or another safety solution that makes the heavy vehicle industry safer.

The 2019 HVIA Safety Innovation Award was awarded to Cummins South Pacific for their Crankshaft Adaptor Drill Kit & Crankshaft Adaptor Gear Drill Kit developed by Neil Kinder.

2020 Safety Innovation Award nominees

Pacific Telematics TrailerIQ

Air Brake Corporation of Australia

TrailerIQ is an advanced trailer telematics system which works with all makes of TEBS (WABCO/KB/Haldex).

TEBS processes a substantial amount of safety related data, such data is typically used by operators after an event when it is downloaded and reviewed.

TrailerIQ monitors all aspects of the TEBS system ensuring the system is functioning correctly, and, more importantly, may be used to create preventative measures.

TrailerIQ monitors the following:

  • RSS / ABS evets / Brake pressure
  • Low Air pressure
  • Low voltage or disconnection
  • Lateral acceleration
  • Weight over axle
  • Faults

Events are grouped to create custom alerts which are sent by e-mail or SMS to the Fleet Operator in real time. All data is presented in an easy to read format that may be tailored to a particular fleets needs.

It is designed as a simple plug and play, takes less than fifteen minutes to install and commission.

Trailer IQ is easily linked to other safety-centric systems such as tire pressure monitoring systems, door locks and temperature sensors.

The platform is web based. It can be accessed via web browser, tablet or phone via APP. The company administrator can provide access to different users across different sites with different levels of access.

JSK42ASW Pneumatically Operated Sensor Fifth-Wheel

Jost Australia

The JSK42ASW reduces manual strain injury when operating a fifth wheel and minimises the likelihood of a dropped trailer by giving a clear indication when the coupling is correctly secured.

The JSK42ASW is opened by means of a pneumatic cylinder, activated from the cabin. The system is secured against inadvertant actuation by using three solenoid valves connected to two electrical switches.

The switches are only energised if the truck’s park brake is applied and the driver must press both switches at the same time to open the fifth wheel. The pneumatic actuation removes the manual effort required to operate the fifth wheel.

A three-way sensor system on the JSK42ASW detects the correct height of the trailer skid-plate, the correct position of the kingpin and the correct position of the secondary safety mechanism before signalling to the driver that the fifth wheel is closed.

The sensor status is indicated with a clear red/green lamp in the cabin and on some trucks the signal can be integrated into the vehicle multi-function display with additional instructions to the driver.

The three-point check makes it much easier to correctly identify the coupling status, partularly at night or where visual checks are difficult.

Central Tyre Inflation System


AIR CTI consists of an electronic pressure readout and controller mounted on the dash, pneumatic control systems, and the air delivery system from the chassis to the tyres.

AIR CTI is an add-on tool developed and manufactured in Australia, to make tyre inflation adjustments easy. Automatic systems and driver controlled systems are available.

Tyre pressures must match the load and tyre size, otherwise, the tyre footprint will be the wrong size, shape, and performance will be reduced.

Optimizing the tyre pressure improves traction, reduces braking distance, reduces trailer swing and tyre slip angles. It also reduces tyre wear and tear, while eliminating almost all blow outs and uneven wear.

Reduced vibration levels reduce suspension wear, wheel bearing wear, and axle, differential, and transmission wear. Road and infrastructure damage is also reduced significantly.

EBS Status Lamp Kit

Lucidity Australia

The EBS Status Lamp Kit is a solution which seamlessly connects inline with the semi trailers TEBS system, utilizing industry standard EBS cable fittings.

It provides a RED/GREEN status lamp on each trailer of a road train combination to display correct operation, GREEN for OK, RED for EBS fault or no lamp EBS not connected.

The displayed information provides assurances to drivers and fleet operators as to the correct operation on the individual trailers TEBS.

Within a road train combination each status lamp provides independent feedback, one lamps function is not affected by another.

Pedestrian-Sensing Autonomous Emergency Braking

Daimler Trucks Australia

Part of a suite of safety features standard on many Daimler trucks in Australia including key Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner and Fuso models, this system uses radar and camera technology to identify potential collisions and automatically starts emergency braking in the case the driver does not.

Depending on the iteration of the system, the truck can begin braking for potential pedestrian impact, or complete a full automatic emergency brake action for impending vehicle collisions.

First to introduce AEB in Australia in 2010 on the Mercedes-Benz Actros as standard equipment and pedestrian-sensing AEB element introduced in 2017, Daimler was also first to introduce pedestrian-sensing AEB in the light duty class Fuso Canter in 2019 and first to introduce this type of system for a conventional truck, the newly arrived Freightliner Cascadia bonneted truck.

Cascadia has additional radar/camera technology called Side Guard Assist warning the driver not to move left into an occupied lane or make a left turn causing contact to an object or person.

The Mercedes-Benz Actros also provides enhanced visibility with the MirrorCam system replacing traditional mirrors.

The Daimler pedestrian-sensing AEB system has the added advantage of being fully-integrated within in the Daimler ecosystem and is not a third party fitment.

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